Win an Electro-Harmonix Epitome Pedal

Electro-Harmonix Epitome

Electro-Harmonix is pretty good and developing badass pedals, but I imagine it can be tough to top some of their huge-selling products. When dreaming up their Epitome pedal, I’m guessing the product development meeting went something like this:

R&D Guy: Let’s just take three super-awesome pedals that we already do and put them in one box to make this even awesomer.
Boss: Cool.

The Epitome pedal combines the EHX Holy Grail Plus Reverb, Electric Mistress Flanger, and Micro POG, along with a few extra wrinkles, and from what reviews are saying, it is amazing. Want one? Here’s your chance to score this $370 for free from EffectsBay! In addition, the winner has a chance to add a pack of Pedal Labels and a 10′ guitar cable from Rattlesnake Cables.

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Author: Jeremy Brieske

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